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Резюме: Head of department/head of representative office

Russia, Moscow

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Russia, Moscow


+7 917 572 1190

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english - fluent, french - working level

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EDUCATION 2003 – 2005 Russian Academy of Medical Science, Institute of Biomedical chemistry named by Orekhovich Philosophy Doctor in Biology (PhD) 1999 – 2001 Moscow State University named by Lomonosov, Institute of Protein of the Russian Academy of Sciences Master degree in Biology 1996 - 2001 Siberian Federal University The molecular biologist AWARDS: A lot of research articles in Russian and foreign journals, patents ownership, a lot of awards of governors of Moscow and Siberia, two time Soros Student etc.

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 09.2009 – present time GLAXOSMITHKLINE, ONE OF THE LEARDING INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Federal Accounts Director RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible for developing government programs and wining auctions / tenders for the supply of GSK medicines to Federal and Institutional organizations including major corporations in Russia (e.g. Gazprom, RZD etc) • Working for all product portfolio of GSK for all territory of Russia • In co-operation with GSK’s External Affairs team, maintain an accurate in depth knowledge of key State & Institutional (incl. corporate) customers, healthcare processes (incl. reimbursement ONLS program), strategies and trends, identifying future opportunities and threats to GSK’s business in Russia • Maintain and develop relations with key wholesalers involved in the supply of Federal and Institutional program understanding their business processes, organizing their participation in auctions and tenders with GSK products and managing their expectations (in particular discount levels and supply times) in line with GSK terms and standards • Regularly updating all internal GSK stakeholders (Marketing/Logistics/Distribution/Finance/External Affairs) on potential future auctions & tenders to maximize GSK’s probability of success in both winning and supplying to customers expectations. ACHIEVEMENTS: • Had won biggest federal tender for vaccines for Flu, chicken pox for Military of Russia, so growing sale volume 2010 vs 2009 in 2 times • Recruit and organized team (8 National key account managers, 1 tender manager) • Created success motivated system for people GSK from regional team about federal business • Build our business in all government institutes (Military, Police, Secret service, Academy of sciences at etc.), especially for vaccines and oncology portfolio • Developed good relations with top government key opinion leaders and biggest commercial company in Russia • Building good connect with all biggest Russian distribution companies 01.2008 – 09.2009 ABBOTT MOLECULAR, AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, EQUIPMENT AND REAGENTS FOR MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS Head of Representative Office, Russia/CIS RESPONSIBILITIES: • Organization and supervision of department, support and improvement of current business HIV in Russia • Ideology, development and introduction from beginning new business in Russia for hepatitis and human papillomavirus • Close contact with KOL in Russia/CIS; organization and development key projects/business in Kazakhstan and Armenia • Ideology and supervision about marketing research for Russia/CIS for different projects • Personal and active taking part in all important meetings with partners in Russia and western colleagues Abbott • Personally working with government/private hospitals, forensic, government research centers, ministry of health ACHIEVEMENTS: • Had win biggest federal tender for HIV 2 times (1 times per year), volume sales per year vs plan was 110% • From beginning have worked out marketing analysis and developing of business plan for some CIS • Worked out and introduction of some new methods for HIV business (VIP meeting, meeting for RT customers, Russian manufacturing, successful searching of way in crisis time with HIV price, organization meeting for hospitals from competitors) • Marketing analysis, ideology, problem definition, KOL identification and development from beginning hepatitis and papillomavirus business in Russia • Contacting with ministry of health in Russia • 10 person in submission (2 KAM, 1 FAS, 2 service engineers, 5 parsons in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belorussia and Russia) 07.2006 – 01.2008 THE COMPANY PROTEK, THE LARGEST SPECIALIZED DISTRIBUTOR OF PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS, PRODUCTS OF MEDICAL APPOINTMENT AND MEDICAL TECHNICS Head of department "Medical equipment" RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible for project of building and complex equipment of the hospitals • Negotiations with clients at the high level (head of hospitals, heads of committees/departments of ministry of health of area/region, the deputy mayor, the deputy governor) • Good negotiation with suppliers • Working out of standard projects of equipment under federal programs (perinatal centers, the vascular centers) ACHIEVEMENTS: • Working out and successful introduction of projects of complex equipment. Under my supervision is successfully constructed and equipped the hospital in Central Russia Region(Kursk, Belgorod, Smolensk) • In submission 18 person (product-managers for directions “X-ray”, “ Reanimation and anesthesia ”, "Laboratory", "Ultrasonic", assistants to product-managers, regional sale managers, the secretary) • It was “imitation” of own business, I was absolutely independence and the responsibility concerning to direction of activity and marketing strategy, a choice of projects and regions, administrative management, budgeting of department • Negotiation with suppliers (Merivaara, Karl Ceis, GE, Toshiba, Medtronik, Philips, Apollo etc.), • Successful experience of a prize of complaints with Federal Antitrust Department • Personally have brought exclusive project to laboratory department of this company. 09.2004 – 07.2006 THE COMPANY INTERLABSERVICE, PRODUCTS FOR MOLECULAR BIOLOGY The head of sales and advancement department RESPONSIBILITIES: • Working out of strategy of sales, marketing researches, pricing, the control over the regional network, management of large-scale projects • Personally was responsible for negotiations with distributors from CIS and key customers in Russia and CIS • Participation in working out of the budget of the company • Directing 15 managers, working for all CIS country (product-managers, service managers, manager for work with claims, office-managers, regional sale managers, the manager for training clients, the manager for registration) ACHIEVEMENTS: • During my work in the company have been increased of sale, it has been sold nearby 60 PCR analyzers Rotor Gene in CIS country, a part from them under national projects. Before this time deliveries of PCR analyzers were single • Working out of assortment of production. I have brought in this company the IFA-direction with new exclusive brands (OEM PersonalLab Adaltis) • Working out of good conditions of the exclusive contract with Corbett Research Company (Australia) in territory of Russia and the CIS countries, registration, conditions of the exclusive contract some new products 01.2003 – 09.2004 COMPANY TECAN, LABWARE IFA, REPRESENTATION TECAN (SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA) Key account manager RESPONSIBILITIES: • Management of large-scale projects, conducting tenders, direct sales • Negotiation, the conclusion of contracts, the organization and carrying out of business trips and presentations ACHIEVEMENTS: • Personally I had been sold about 5-8 stations Evolyser Tecan in a year, a lot of ELISA washers Columbus and readers Sunrise Tecan, volume of sales more than before 2 times • Negotiations with head physicians in Moscow and other regions in Russia • Personally I had been organized training about production Tecan for opinion-leaders (head physicians, the main laboratory experts from different regions of Russia) • I was responsible for contacts and sales in the CIS and key clients (head physicians and the main laboratory experts from different regions of Russia) 09.2001 – 01.2003 COMPANY ASINEX, REPRESENTATIVE OF AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, MANUFACTURE AND SALE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FOR THE PARMACEUTICAL AND BIOTECHNOLOGICAL INDUSTRY Manager on sales Research computer chemist RESPONSIBILITIES: • Computer designing of drug and physiologically active substances, molecular docking and search in molecular bases of active substrate • Sales, search and attraction of new customers, maintenance and expansion of cooperation with available partners, development and realization of advertising activity of the company

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Head of department/head of representative office




France, Luxemburg, Germany

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